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[TenTec] 555 Scout. User report.

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Subject: [TenTec] 555 Scout. User report.
From: v31ry@ix.netcom.com (AE0Q V31RY)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:59:39 -0600
  VK3CWB wrote:
>2)The audio jack on the front, does exhibit a tone on low volume when using
>8 ohm headphones. Yeap.... the volume is much too high... for head phones,
>and the head phones will need padding as many have reported previously.
>A real shame the designers did not think of this, as most, if not all CW ops
>use headphones.

  I think many people use the Scout as a mobile rig, and lack of audio is
frequently a complaint about mobile rigs.  The Scout certainly has plenty
from the speaker for a noisy car, I guess the trade-off is having to pad the

>3) The rig is far from full QSK. I have only used QSK on the japanese rigs,
>and their QSK is far superior. This scout is some where inbetween semi break
>in, and full QSK. 

  If you change R37 to make the QSK faster, the AGC doesn't really need to
be changed.  Per the info that Grant K7GT received fron Ten Tec, I've
changed R37 in my Argo-556 to make it full QSK up to 50 wpm.

 K7GT wrote:
>I just called TT service. The fix is to change a resistor, R37 , now 1k  to
>a 2.2k,  on the RCVR/Control board, 81644.  I will not likely do it for a 
>while, so would like to know what the new apparent upper qsk limit becomes
>after the fix.

  The limit that I can hear the band between code elements is now 50 wpm,
+/- a couple of wpm.  The measured value is 2.25k.  R37 is mounted on the
board vertically, so I cut the looped-over lead and soldered in a 1.2k
resistor in series with the cut lead on the 1k part.  Keying still sounds
good on another receiver.

  There are no component markings on the PC board in my radio, but R37 is
just to the front of the diode (also mounted vertically) that is almost
touching the right-front corner of connector 'A'.  The front of the radio is
facing forward.

>6)The PTO mechanism leaves a great deal to be desired. This brings my major
>criticism. As the PTO drives an iron core through an inductor it is indeed a
>precision instrument. However, when tuning a station there are three things
>to content with. i) The FLS system. (not a real problem.) ii) The turning of
>the main dial itself. iii) And the change in frequency which occurs when you
>take your hand off the main dial.
>Hence, when you tune in a station on CW,then take your hand off the dial,
>the CW station is often lost as the frequency has changed. Further
>inspection noted that any slight pressure on the PTO knob, changes the
>frequency of the rig.

  Moz, I wonder if there is something behind the front panel of your Scout
that may be touching the PTO 'box', causing it to be very sensitive to
movement.  Check behind the AF/IF and RIT/MIC controls for mechanical
interferance.  I've never had a problem with mine changing frequency after I
remove my hand from the tuning knob.  The PTO certainly is stiffer than a
radio with an encoder, but when I tune in a signal the tuning is precise and
stays where I want it.  It doesn't change when I operate the SPEED/RIT or
TUNE/NB switches, either, as long as I don't bump the tuning knob with my thumb.

>10) On CW the the keying characteristics are "hardish" and makes for
>excellent copy at the other end. The make and break of the CW is clean, and
>with out chopping. On the scope it has an excellent waveform.

  I've been told that my Argo-556 does have 'hard' keying, but with a QRP
rig that helps it get through..

  I really think there is something touching your front panel that shouldn't
be, Moz..  Have a look in there and see what you can find.

73  --  Glenn
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