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Subject: [TenTec] CENTAUR
From: dcalvin@VNET.IBM.COM (dcalvin@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: 2 Oct 1997 17:32:30 CDT
.ddn cts.com(km3g) contesting.com(tentec)

Ep runs 1800V at idle, and drops under load depending on whether you
are running from 115v primary or 220v.  I run mine on 115V, and the
under load value seems (from memory - I rarely look at it) to be around
1650 - 1700.  As far as the QSK, it is excellent.  Since I'm using it
with an ICOM rig which does not have the keying loop that TT and Yaesu
have, it might not be as quick as those rigs, but I've run it up near
35 wpm with no problems at all.  In my case, the amp keys the rig, and
yet still all sounds great.  This part of the Centaur design is very

   73,  Duane  AC5AA

Duane A. Calvin
dcalvin@austin.ibm.com -or- dcalvin@ausvmr.vnet.ibm.com

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