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[TenTec] WTB: 263 VFO and 282 250Hz filter, also Corsair questions...

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Subject: [TenTec] WTB: 263 VFO and 282 250Hz filter, also Corsair questions...
From: ko4a3@juno.com (H. J. Kohl)
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 18:23:42 -0400
I received this from TenTec
 QRP MOD for CORSAIR 1, II (560,561)
Materials Needed:
        1 -2.7 to 3. Volt Zener diod OR 4-1N4002 diodes
        1 - toggle switch
        6" Hookup wire
The purpose of this modification is to allow the Corsair transciever to
operate QRP.  This can be a permanent change or only as a temporary

Step -1         Remove all power from the radio. Remove top colver.
Step -2 Locate the Low Level Driver Board (81037) in the rear left
Step - 3a       Permanent Method
        If a zener diode is used, parallel it across D3 on the Low Level
Driver by Tack Soldering.  Be sure the banded ends are pointing the same
        If the 4 rectifier diodes are used, they will be in parallel with
D3 also, but instealled "backwards".
Step - 3b       Temporary (as needed) method
        Install as above except do not solder on grounded end.  Instead,
this end of the new diode(s)will be connected to the toggle switch.
        Install toggle switch on rear panel and solder one end of the 6"
wire to the new diode and the other end to one of the toggle switch
terminals.  Connect the other terminal to ground.  

Note: I was thinking about using the RF attinuator switch.  Disabling the
receive on/off RF attinuation and using that switch to switch in QRP
diode.  This mod has not been done. 

John K.
On Mon, 6 Oct 97 09:26:50 EDT Bill Acito  06-Oct-1997 0911
<acito@asdg.ENET.dec.com> writes:
>        I was lucky enough to find and acquire a Corsair II with 
>        supply at the Rochester, NH flea this weekend. I am now in the
>        market for the external VFO (model 263) and the 250hz filter
>        (model 282) if anyone has these for sale (a long shot, I 
>        Questions:
>            - Glad to see Ten Ten installed a crowbar in the supply
>              (versus my old Omni stock supply). Question: if there is
>              a SCR over-current check in the supply, and a fuse at 
>              rig, why is the additional 1140 breaker recommended?
>            - Is there a pot somewhere to turn down the power level to
>              QRP levels? The ALC now takes it down to 10w. Can this 
>              lowered without changing the upper 100w limit?
>        Wolfgang Peringer (DK7CY) already posted looking for mods. 
>        If you sent him anything, I'd appreciate a copy as well.
>        Thanks,
>        Bill
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