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[TenTec] Sell Corsair and Omni D

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Subject: [TenTec] Sell Corsair and Omni D
From: wjones@bellsouth.net (will jones)
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 18:41:52 -0500
I have two radios I need to sell. Corsair with remote vfo and power
supply with desk mike. $650 plus shipping. Omni-D "B" series with notch
filter and cw crystals. Also 252MO power supply. Will throw in 234
speech processor for $50 with purchase of either rig. Bought Corsair and
ham fest this summer. Used once. The Omni was at factory for complete
check (tuner was overhauled) in Feb. this year. Haven't used it since
receiving it back. No scratches on front of either rig. Omni has small
place on the top where something had been sitting on it near the back.
Omni and power supply will go for $350 plus shipping. No personal checks
WB4PUD, Bill

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