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[TenTec] Model 962 Transformer Hum

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Subject: [TenTec] Model 962 Transformer Hum
From: n1jm@aiusa.com (John Merrill)
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 21:45:46 -0400
Dave: I've had 2 961 power supplies. One hummed and one didnt. Dont know why.

At 08:17 PM 10/10/97 +0000, David H. Hammond wrote:
>Hi Everyone:
>Need some help.
>I bought a 962 P/S with my Omni VI last Fall and it has the infamous
>"Canadian" transformer in it.  Really hums under keydown load. Didn't
>pay much mind to it until I heard an older Model 961 at a friends shack
>with much less hum under load. Then it got under my skin.
>Anyone had similiar experiences with this model supply? TenTec is not
>winding their own any longer I guess. Too expensive.
>Any fixes suggested?  Anyone get any help from the factory? Looking for
>some background info and any suggestions will be welcome.  
>This has been my only lasting complaint about my TT gear and obviously
>its not major. Thought I'd ask here before calling Sevierville. I guess
>some hum is unavoidable with trasformer supplies.  Did have an Astron
>SS30 switcher here for a while. Really quiet until the fans cycles on
>which under tx load is quite often. Hum or fan noise is apparently the
>choice at hand.
>Thanks for any help with this small problem.
>73 fer nw de N1LQ--Dave
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