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[TenTec] Scout hi-lo power switch

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout hi-lo power switch
From: PEPLASTERS@mail.rkd.snds.com (Paul Plasters)
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 14:05:03 -0500
Hi Dave and sig
Here is what I did.
I removed the bottom cover per Daves message below. 
I then removed the 10K pot from the board, and replaced it with 3 wires
to a on-on (double throw switch.  One  (the center pin ) went to the
wiper hole.  One went to the high power side which also happens to be
chassis ground.  In the other hole I put a 39 ohm resister as Dave
suggested.  I have not put a power meter on it yet, will do that this
I removed the ground screw, drilled it slightly larger, and added a
miniature single pole, double throw switch.  I found 2 wire lugs with the
same size hole, and put the grounded wires on the inside into one, and
soldered them, then I put the other on the outside, and soldered a #10
wire into it, that will now become my ground connection.
Caution, when lifting the board, it will not come all the way out with out
unsoldering some wires.  I blocked it up high enough to work with out
unsoldering any wires.  I did how ever have to unplug all the plugged in
wires.  Caution, make sure before you unplug them, one of mine was
marked wrong, and took a while to assure myself it was the right plug.  I
done the mod, during my lunch hour, so it did not take very long.
Oh yes the usual disclaimer, I make no assurances other than I did do
this to my Scout 555, a very good mobile rig, and now with a six meter
transverter also.
73, and good luck Paul wA9FFL
From:   David Perrin Subject:   [TenTec] Easy QRP switch

 Here is the method that I have used with great success to easily modify
my two Scouts for instant QRP/QRO operation. 
 1. Remove the bottom cover of the Scout.
 2. Locate the power control potentiometer (there is a hole for it in
the bottom cover).
 3. Locate the wiper of the pot.
 4. Carefully solder a small diameter wire to the wiper at the board.
 5. Solder a 390 Ohm resistor to one terminal of a minature SDST switch. 
 6. Solder the end of the wire to the other end of the resistor.
 7. Connect the other lead of the switch through another small wire to a
convenient ground.
 Electrically that is all it takes. I set my power pot. to give me 40
Watts in the high power position, when I throw the switch in the other
direction I get 4 Watts.
 Finding a place to mount the switch is tight. I found just enough room
by centering a 1/4 inch hole (use a pilot drill first) on the "KEY"
marking on the rear panel. That puts the switch close to the inside edge
of the chassis.

73 de Dave, K1OPQ in NH.

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