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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Paragon battery
From: newbyd@ipix.com (Dan Newby)
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 08:06:46 -0400

I had a Paragon several years ago, and found the memory back up to be
nearly useless. I called Ten Tec and they said you need to leave the power
supply on!
Naturally, I told them that was no good.

What I did, was go by a battery holder for 8 AA nicads and used them
instead of the 9volt nicad. Next I got an LM317 and set it up has a
constant current source. If I remember correctly at 50ma. The input
connected to +13.8 and the output connected thru a diode to the batteries.
I believe the diode was already in the circuit from Ten Tec, but don't
remember for sure. 
This would allow the radio to keep its memories for a few weeks. At least
it was good enough for my operation.

Hope this helps.

Dan Newby

>At 06:19 PM 10/10/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>   On 2 Oct.97 N4NQY wrote about his problem with 
>>Paragon battery drain. I do not use FM or RS-232
>>boards but have the same trouble.
>>   Rechargeable battery does not help as the battery
>>charging current is only approx. 2mA and the discharge
>>with the Paragon off is 1.56mA.
>>   Perhaps there is a circuit modification. Please,
>>can TenTec or anyone help to fix this pesky problem ?
>>     With thanks,
>>                       Lex   VK3AIL. 
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