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[TenTec] T-T 229 Tuner

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Subject: [TenTec] T-T 229 Tuner
From: jordana@nucleus.com (Jordan Arndt)
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 07:52:35 -0700
I have a 229 Tuner which I cannot seem to A) Make the Slide rule dial
calibrate properly
 B) There is either a misalignment between the shafts for the Antenna
selector which causes 2 inputs to be selected a the same time.
 C) Using a 25 foot vertical with a 20uH coil at the base resonate at
160 meters.
 Is the external Cap connection on the back for 160 meters??? 
 How much is the antenna selector wafer switch worth??? It seems to need
to be replaced...

I have restrung the dial cord according to the manual,and yet it still
goes out of calibration after reaching the 5 position on the Slide Rule
indicator... In the manual it says to string the loop on the elastic
cord around the POT shaft which I have done... also when turn ,even
slowly, the dial indiator lifts and sways in the opposite direction
about 10 degrees making reading the dial accurate only in one
direction... and with the mis-calibration resetability is impossible
like this.

Also the balun seems to have been very poorly wound and is not properly
spaced around the cores...
Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated... 73 de Jordan
VE2SWL/VE6 in Calgary...

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