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[TenTec] OMNI VI PLUS Owners

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI VI PLUS Owners
From: kf4hk@juno.com (Jim Miller)
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 18:55:41 -0400
Having read the ARRL Omni VI Plus review in the November, 1997 QST, I
telephoned Ten-Tec with a couple of questions, as I'm certain some of you
will have.

"All OMNI VI Plus transceivers meet FCC requirements of -40dB on all
bands with 5 watts and above output power. We agree that reversing those
two mixer pins causes it to fall out of specs by a few db ONLY when
running 5 watts or LESS on the 17 meter and higher bands

So don't hit the panic button over the weekend or after having just read
the review.

I wish they had reviewed the Yaesu FT-1000MP with all the filters I
bought in March and sold at a loss eight days later. 

I continue to enjoy my Omni VI Plus.



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