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[TenTec] T-Kit 1220 2m FM Transceiver Mods?

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Subject: [TenTec] T-Kit 1220 2m FM Transceiver Mods?
From: wshackleton@compuserve.com (Wallace Shackleton)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 01:51:50 -0400
        Last year I assembled the T-Kit 1220 2m FM Transceiver and I am
curious to learn if there are any mods available for this kit?  Wish-list.
Front-end. -             I am not all that happy with the front-end so much
so in fact that I am using an external filter. 
Model 1222 RF Amp. -    I also built the 35W amp and I have noticed that
using the high power setting corrupts the frequency                    
setting...... now transmitting on a frequency near you! Thinking about
removing the amp and fitting it externally with a               seperate
power supply    

        Please do not get me wrong, I like the rig, though at the moment I
am in the process of fixing it, something wrong in the receive path.


Wallace -  GM0GNT,  (Century/22 and Corsair II owner.)

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