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[TenTec] OMNI VI PLUS Owners

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI VI PLUS Owners
From: larrygibbs@ibm.net (Larry Gibbs)
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 09:12:30 -0400
> Steve...
> Ah Soooo...
> Apperently you haven't read a recent artical written in the Wall Street
> Journal about Harley Davison Co. nor have you given us narrow minded,
> plastic loving Ten Tec lovers any credit (I too owned Yeasu and Kenwood
> gear, along with Alinco and yes God forbid Atlas rigs). I know what I like
> to hear, and yes I have had the opportunity to run a Omni-6 and a FT1000MP
> side by side. Since I must be Big, Dumb and Stupid, I perfer the Ten Tec.
> So did my Beautiful but equally Stupid Extra Class Wife. Oh well me must be
> a cult!! Look out for Janet Reno Guys!!!
> Chris KB3A
Ditto, Chris!
By the way, I can't recall ever hearing of an old Ten-Tec rig
being referred to as a boat anchor.

I've had Drake, Kenwood, Yaesu, Kennwood too. The Drake was
great in its time (Not the TR-7). Another ham friend and I
(Jerry K4JKL) went into Clegg (remember those?) when they had
a ham radio showroom in Lancaster, PA. We sat at their
operating position and rapidly switched between the Icom 701,
Drake TR-7, and Ten-Tec Omni C. We were both Kenwood owners at
the time, and I had never owned a Ten-Tec. In fact, we were as
I recall predisposed between the Drake and the Icom.

Friends, there was no comparison as far as ACTUAL QUALITY OF
THE RECEIVED SIGNAL. The Ten-Tec won, hands down. We had
further discussions over the Baltimore 146.67 repeated between
Jerry in Virginia and me in PA--to the point that some users
were irked at our use of the machine. The main control op told
us to continue. As a result, others told us later that they
bought Ten-Tec from the discussions we had.

Well, we both have had other rigs since, but I went back to
the Omni V and now the Omni VI Plus. I have posted to the
amateur radio newsgroup how Ten-Tec rigs still click along
long after the others have had their proprietary parts
discontinued. And what about how those Japanese rigs are
susceptible to overload from nearby sigs? Then they accuse
everybody else of having a broad signal. I tell them to turn
off their noise blanker, turn on their attenuator, or get a

73, Larry W3UIO
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