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Subject: [TenTec] Finally
From: n4lq@iglou.com (Steve Ellington)
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 18:46:28 -0400

> 1. I have the 2.4/1.8/500/ and 250 filters......Do you  think the 500hz
> the second IF is 'worth it'?

I have the extra filter but seldom use it. It will help to answer your
question #7 though.

> 2. Any of you have trouble with the cabinet resonating when you're right
on a
> CW note at 700hz or so?

I never use the internal speaker in ANY rig. They all sound terrible. Spend
$10 and order the MFJ-281 ClearTone speak as quickly as possible. You will
be absolutely amazed at what this does to cw.

> 3. In case of two simultaneously broken hands, CW is outlawed, or some
> traumatic event that causes me to select SSB........I do own a Heil
> boom/mic....How is the compatibility with the OMNI 5 and the Heil mic
> element?

If cw is outlawed, I'll send you my matching, cheap TenTec mobile mic just
in case.

> 4. Anyway to make the CW sidetone crisply audible (most noticeable when
> the speaker) during tough condx on 40M when the noise level is high,  the
> gain is way up, operating fast QSK, and at speeds of 30-35WPM? Can't it
> independently 'imposed' or 'mixed' directly into the audio output so that
> is not subject to the rise/fall of the QSK during these tough
> adjusting sidetone volume/tone doesn't quite do it....

I've got some easy mods that make the side sound better but first get that
MFJ speaker and see what you think.
> 5. Can't get used to the missing RIT knob....oh well....

This takes some getting used to. Check the alignment of your bfo trimmer
using a frequency counter to make sure your offset is exactly 600hz. You
will need the rit less often after this is correctly adjusted. 

> 6. Noise blanker does nothing......how effective is yours?..

I don't have much noise but it does work on certain types of impulse noise.

> 7.Strong signal pileups, like this weekend for P29AS on 7.017mhz, I
> use the receiver within +/- 5khz....completely overloaded the
> using the -20db attenuator......Does this rig not handle those strong
> situations well?..
> **************

Get the 9mhz 500hz filter. I think it will help. I've never experienced
anything quite as bad as you describe.

73 N4LQ Steve


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