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From: rsellers@mail.rkd.snds.com (Roger Sellers)
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 08:52:12 -0500
  I checked into these about a year or so ago. My location seemed to require a
vertical antenna. The owner seemed to be a stange sort when I talked to him on
the phone. Getting answers was like pulling teeth. He seemed offfended by my
asking so many questions, yet he felt extremely confident about his antenna.
  I talked to a person in ARRL's technical section about the antenna. He said 
antenna is based on an older but sound design principle and should work fine. 
  I was deciding between it, a GAP, or Butternut verticle. I ended up with an 
because a local here had one available for a rediculous price (works OK). I may
still get one in the future.
  Hope this helps,

Roger Sellers   KB9LBU
email: rsellers@snds.com

>>> Peter Frenning <PEF%SNI.DK@internet.rkd.snds.com> 10/21/97 02:42am >>>
I am talking about their vertical antennas, now called the T-25 and T-50
(Formerly TCS-25 and 50).
See http://www.sommerantennas.com/

Anyway, you illustrate my point about their lack of marketing very well,
it's almost as if they don't really want to sell their products!

73 de OZ1PIF, Peter

PS: let's see if this starts a whole new thread!  ;-)

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>Hello Peter,
>What is a Sommer TCS antenna?  This is new to me.
>Thank you and 73's,
>Mike  KF2LF

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