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[TenTec] Different Use for Transverter - Congress will be upset

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Subject: [TenTec] Different Use for Transverter - Congress will be upset
From: rsellers@mail.rkd.snds.com (Roger Sellers)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 15:05:03 -0500
Hi All,
  I have a different story and thought I'd pass it along, both for amusement and
maybe some suggestions.
  I've recently purchased a TenTec 6meter transverter and connected it to my
Paragon I. I had a problem with it and sent it back. I received it back and the
problem was fixed, thanks TT.
  I've hooked up the transverter and gone around the 6 meter frequencies on all
modes. Haven't heard a single CQ, dit-dot or anything else. I happened to turn
the dial down below 14.00 ( below 50.00 MHz) and was surprised by a STRONG CLEAR
voice. It seems I can hear my neighbors cordless phones in the 49MHz FM range
great. I've even turned the beam and tweeked in a couple conversations.

  This tells me the Transverter is working... at least on 49MHz FM. Any thoughts
on why I'm not hearing any valid 6 meter conversations??

Roger Sellers  KB9LBU
email: rsellers@snds.com

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