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[TenTec] How to use QRP Ten Tec on 6M

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Subject: [TenTec] How to use QRP Ten Tec on 6M
From: rohre@arlut.utexas.edu (rohre)
Date: 24 Oct 1997 10:33:15 -0500
The Ten Tec reflector and qrp-l posts often mention the Ten Tec 20M to 6M
transverter that allows a QRP rig on 20 to be used on 6M.

Those new to 6M often wonder how to know when 6m is open, as they may check it
at random for days and NOT hear a thing, nor get answers to CQ's.

I mentioned an idea to a new 6M ham that I had heard over the years in VHF
magazines and used at times, and will pass it on for what it is worth. ( This
is in reference to the USA TV channel assignments.)

You can easily buy a cheap black and white TV at garage sales, flea markets
etc.  Something like the 5 or 6 inch jobs.  Then, make yourself an omni
directional antenna for Ch. 2.  (Like a vertical ground plane). 

Ch. 2 is so close to 6m band that when you pick up a fuzzy signal on it from a
distant TV station, then you know 6m is likely open.  Of course, if you have a
local Ch. 2, this does not work.  But, with the audio turned down, you could
leave your Ch. 2 monitor on in your shack when you are doing other things, and
if a video signal starts to show up, it would be good to check the 6M band for
activity or start calling CQ yourself to raise some.  If you can identify the
city the Ch. 2 distant signal is originating from, you can rotate your beam to
take advantage of the possible propagation from that direction.

Let's use 6!
Stuart K5KVH

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