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[TenTec] OMNI VI 25-pin Remote Cable

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI VI 25-pin Remote Cable
From: mosier@uncg.edu (Stephen Mosier)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 07:49:13 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
In order to use my 301 remote tuning encoder as well as 
have my computer interface, I fabricated a 25-pin Y-cable.  
To make it as versatile as possible, I carried all 25 pins 
into both legs of the Y.  But my tuning encoder wouldn't 
work with the computer plugged in.  Dissecting the 
connections, the 301 uses pins 6, 8, and 16, with pins 1 
and 14 grounded.  The computer cable uses pins 2 through 8, 
plus 20 and 22 on the OMNI 25-pin connector.  Disconnecting 
EITHER pin 6 OR pin 8 (the two pins common to both the 
computer and the 301) from the computer link made the 301 
work. Neither affected the computer operation. In the end, 
I clipped BOTH pins 6 and 8 from the computer link (pins 1 
and 6 on the 9-pin computer connector).  Out of curiosity, 
does anyone know what the computer uses these pins for, 
and why the 301 doesn't work with them connected?  
Ten-Tec's 236 Y-cable doesn't carry all 25 pins, just 
the pins needed for the various functions. 

steve - w3grg

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