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[TenTec] Info on Omni V

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Subject: [TenTec] Info on Omni V
From: nw9g@netusa1.net (Steve Narducci)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 22:25:08 -0500
At 03:17 PM 10/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been thinking about looking for a good used Omni V. I would really
like an Omni VI but can't handle the expense right now.
>I understand that the OMNI V does not have RIT. Ordinally I would consider
this to be a rather major deficit but I know that the
>Omni V is a very popular CW radio. How do you deal with the problem of
someone calling you not exactly on your frequency? Use the
>second VFO?  Also does the Omni V lack any other major features that make
it not desirable as a CW radio. 
>73 de Dave K1EPJ
Dave, I've been using the Omni 5 fer 3 yrs here.  By far the best cw rig
ever in this
shack.  I have had over 35 rigs at one time or another over 19 years of
The Omni 5 has no rit, however it has a beautiful split vfo for that.  I
use my split
daily.  I just hit the a=b button and then hit split and bang your ready.
Easy as
that and really no need for the extra space on the face for a rit control.
I find 
the best thing about my Omni 5 is the fantastic sound quality that it hears
on the
air.  I have yet to find a rig that compairs to the rx audio.  A cw only
here so that is my 2 cents worth.  I am sure the omni 6 has the same things
have not had the opportunity for that rig yet.  From what Ten Tec told me
the only
thing that I would gain from changing to the omni 6 would be more buttons and 
dsp.  Other than that, this is the same rig.    Good luck

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