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[TenTec] Heil Proset Headset/Microphone

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Subject: [TenTec] Heil Proset Headset/Microphone
From: mike_n@inetport.com (Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC)
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 23:54:04 -0600
This subject may have been covered before. If so, please bear with
me, I'm new to the reflector.

I just purchased a Heil Proset and in the manual it says that some rigs
may need an audio impedance matching transformer between the mic and
the rig. 

Apparently my OMNI VI is one of these rigs, because several people have
told me that my transmitted audio seems to be low, and one fellow 
even said it sounds like an impedance mismatch between the mic and
the rig.

Since the OMNI manual says the mic input will handle anywhere between
200 and 50,000 ohms, and since the mic element (hc-5) in the Heil can
match to either 500-600 or 2000-5000 ohm mic inputs, I was wondering
what would be good primary/secondary impedance values for a matching

A long way around to ask a question, I know, but I'm puzzled. Any advice
is appreciated.

Mike Newell
Austin, TX

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