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Subject: [TenTec] Ten-Tec equipment
From: k5rov@worldnet.att.net (Jim Parsons)
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 10:33:59 -0600
Well, I got no reponses to trade my Corsair-2. But, I got a load of
messages wanting to buy it. I have decided that if I cannot trade it, I am
going to keep it and get a nice older Ten-Tec backup rig.

My Corsair just left for the factory again. I got it back from them last
friday, after waiting four weeks, including shipping time, and now they are
getting it back. Actually they did a good job, except they rebuilt the PTO,
and now the tuning control slips badly, and zero beat changes depending on
which direction you turn the tuning control. Also, there is a clicking
feel, like something is hitting the control. I am sure they will fix it as
they generally do very good work.

I have a Yaesu FY-890, which is an awful QSK rig. In fact, I have yet to
find a non-TenTec rig that is good with QSK. The Yaesu clips the dits very
badly at the higher speeds, but works fine on semi-breakin.

So, I am looking for a really clean Argosy or Omni (). If you have one,
equipped for CW, drop me a line. I really need a backup rig capable of good
QSK. It must be in first class condition. I would prefer to hear from
someone within driving distance of San Angelo, Texas.

Best 73 to the TT gang...great folks, both the users and the builders.

Jim, K5ROV

James (Jim), Parsons, K5ROV USAF, Ret.
k5rov@worldnet.att.net   QCWA, NWQRP, Fists, ARRL
JOHN 3:16

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