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[TenTec] Trade: Corsair-2 w/PS

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Subject: [TenTec] Trade: Corsair-2 w/PS
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale Martin)
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 03:16:05 -0600
On Saturday, November 01, 1997 18:59 PM, Jim 
Parsons[SMTP:k5rov@worldnet.att.net] wrote:

I hate to be that way,
>but when you are 70, and on a fixed income, the loss would be devastating,
>if I met the wrong person....and I seem to keep reading horror stories
>about such occurances. 


Many years ago (almost in another lifetime, it seems like), I saw a
classified ad in QST for the sale of a Ten-Tec 544, p/s-spkr/vox, and
remote VFO, less than 10 hours on the air. All for about $800 (it 
may have been $750 or $850, I forget).

My then-wife thought I was absolutely nuts to send a certified check 
to the guy after only speaking to him once on the phone about the 
radio.  I simply smiled and said I trusted him to send the radio; 
afterall, he's a ham.  I don't think she ever understood the concept 
or connection. 

It all arrived a week after I sent the check--meaning he had shipped 
it on my saying I would mail the check!  Again, she was amazed. 

So, Jim, I think we may only hear about the bad news and not hear 
when things 'work' the way they are supposed to.  Besides, I am 
sure, if you speak with the person before you send the 
check/equipment, you can discern whether you feel comfortable 
doing so or not. 

It turned out, the guy in AL had bought the radio, used it a couple 
of days, then the Drake TR7 arrived at a ham friends' house.  He 
liked the TR7 better than the 544 and bought one before even 
selling the 544--I sent him a note later, when I had gotten to 
operate a TR7 in a contest, telling him he would have been happier 
with the 544!

By the way, my Omni VI+ was in it's first serious contest (ARRL 
SS CW) since being upgraded and it performed absolutely superb


Dale Martin, KG5U

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