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Subject: [TenTec] RE: Hercules amp
From: newbyd@ipix.com (Dan Newby)
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 15:22:27 -0500
> Many responses, and thanks guys.  Heard from several of you that the 444 no
> longer has
> transistors available.  What would happen if I blew them??  And I will be
> running it
> with the power supply made for it.  thanks again guys....Steve

>I hear this over and over and it is not true.  I believe Ten Tec
>told me this a year or two ago, then I found the transistors available
>at RF Parts down near San Diego.  I called them to tell Ten Tec,
>hopefully they have some contact with RF Parts to get them when
>they need them.  I refer anyone who worries about the final
>transistors for the 444 to RF Parts!


I've seen them too. But you must get very low beta transistors,(For
Motorola parts you want either a black or brown color dot), or the amp can
very easily break into oscillation and take your new transistors out. When
I had one of the 444 amps, Ten Tec agreed that there was a problem with the
amps design and they refused to repair one. That sucked. My advise to
anyone that considers buying one of the Hercules 444 amps, is to not pay
much for it. 

However the Hercules II is an excellent amp. 

Dan Newby

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