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[TenTec] Paragon Opportunity Replies

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon Opportunity Replies
From: jkoppi@pclink.com (Joseph Koppi)
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 23:49:23 -0600
Following are comments I received in response to a posting indicating that
I have an opportunity to buy a Paragon (SN00383) for $835.  Still havent
bought the Paragon, but thought you guys might be interested in the


HI Joe..  If you think you'll ever want to use a PC program to control the
radio, don't get the Paragon I.  It uses a wierd command set that is not
compatible with any software (Ten Tec didn't supply any).  The newer
Paragon-II is like the Omni-6 and uses the same instruction set as Icom
rigs.  The Paragon-I and Omni-5 use the non-compatible one, and can't be
changed to the newer firmware (so I've heard)..
--de Glenn, AE0Q/V31RY


I have an early one also, bought it then and still have it, and no real
serious problems. The Phase lock loop boards are out of production and if
one fails the radio is DEAD forever. There is a Gheil chip for the front
panel buttons that makes them over into a  more user friendly patterns.
Like both the xit and rit work at same time and the 1-0 buttons become
band registers. The small reed relays do wear out and need replacement
now and then and are on the back panel and require un assembly of the
whole back of the radio. It is every bit a sensitive as my Omni 6 + but
not a selective. Frequency is more accurate and drift is less. Audio is
super and 6 kh filter and am for SWLing great. I run mine off an astron
power supply with a 20 amp tentec ckt breaker in line. You need the ckt
breaker as there is NO OVER CURRENT protection in the rig other than a 25
amp fuse buried in the final compartment.

For $835 you are getting a lot of radio. Tentec sells them for around
$1100 used.

Walt, K8CV


Hi recently bought its twin (SN 00385), price about the same too. I'm
very very happy with it. Only problems being a bad switching diode in
the receive low-pass filter bank, no big deal, when it refuses to switch
to 20m, I just turn it off, and back on - I'll get around to repair it

My tuning assembly has some play in it, and I still haven't figured out
how to fix it.

Other than that it's one of the best radios around - even compared with
the latest Japanese gee-wizz toys.

It's a very good price too. If the radio is in working order, run, don't
walk, to secure it for yourself. If you live in the US, and it's not in
working order, do it anyway, TenTec service is VERY good.

73 de OZ1PIF, Peter


Joe Koppi, W0SU
St. Paul, MN

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