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[TenTec] Seeking advice on Omni vs. Paragon

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Subject: [TenTec] Seeking advice on Omni vs. Paragon
From: phelbert@rica.net (Paul Helbert)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 21:22:50 -0500
Hi Web,

The Paragon is a very good general coverage rig.  It has am and (with
add on board, fm) capabilities.  The Omni series are ham band only rigs,
optimized for use on ham frequencies.  Omni VI has fm but the Omni V did
not of it was an option (?) mine did not have it.  The Omni VI has
automatic notch where the others had manual notch which worked very
well.  The Plus options on the Omni VI have a wonderful audio DSP.

My idea is if I want to mess around with am, I can use the old
Hallicrafters xmtr that I picked up at a hamfest for $40.00 with the Ten
Tec regen recvr kit, and tr switch the antenna by hand.  For ham radio
the Omni VI+ is a joy to use, and I've never needed to have it serviced
but have had other Ten Tec rigs over time and have learned first hand
the value of buying locally made equipment.


Paul, Wv3j

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