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[TenTec] Re: Interested in Narrow SSB Filters

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Interested in Narrow SSB Filters
From: troy_wideman@eee.org (TROY WIDEMAN)
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 16:03:54 -0800
Dave, thanks for your input. Yes, both filters are needed as can be seen in
the block system chart and , after re-reading my posting, I obviously didn't
make that clear at all! I hope IR can come thru with filters since that
would allow more than a "one shot" order. 73, Troy

David H. Hammond wrote:

> Hi Troy,
> I'm the guy who started this latest wider SSB filter thing last month
> with my listing on the reflector.  Thanks for picking up its interest
> and running with the ball on this one with Tyler.
> Yes I would be very interested in a PAIR of 2.7 khz SSB filters for the
> 9mhz and 6 mhz IF's.  People should realize that a PAIR are need to
> generate more fidelity with TX audio as the standard 9mhz filter is
> shared by both RX and TX and replacing only the 6 mhz filter will not
> result in any change to TX audio.  You need the PAIR to do the job.
> Using 2.7khz only at the 6mhz IF will be after the standard 2.4 in the 9
> mhz slot and will not give the preferred results that I think most are
> seeking.  Kenwood has used 2.7 or 2.6 pairs for a long time with their
> patented smooth audio result. Two 2.7's cascaded is the optimum
> bandwidth for SSB.
> As you mentioned, on RX a pair of 2.7 khz filters in cascade will result
> in a cumulative bandwith of about 2.5 to 2.4 khz to the ear and will
> keep good steep skirts on the PBT.  Resulting audio will sound fabulous
> if the filters are made to reasonably good symmetrical standards. One
> 2.7 filter can replace the standard 9 mhz 2.4 filter in the rig.  The 6
> mhz can replace the standard 6mhz 2.4 khz filter or  fill the 1.8 option
> slot.
> So count me in for one of each 2.7khz bandwith at 6 and 9 mhz IF BUT
> if the 9 mhz filter IS NOT ordered also then I have no interest in just
> the 6 mhz wider filter.  Looking to improve both the TX and RX audio
> fidelity.
> If TT doesn't get a minimum order then hopefullly IRCI may present an
> option in the future. I too used their filters in some older ICOM gear
> and was impressed but found their standard bandwidths at 6 db to be too
> narrow.
> I have done alot of filter cascading mods to older Yaesu gear in the
> past using the old Fox Tango filters with great results.  In my opinion
> a pair of 2.7's will result in a greatly improved Omni VI as an SSB
> machine without sacrficing very much in weak signal selectivity. I'll
> bet that TT might even eventually change their standard widths to this
> pair if enough interest results.
> Please let me know how things proceed and if I can be fo assistance to
> you.
> Thanks again!
> 73 fer nw de N1LQ--Dave

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