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From: catsncar@arrowsmith.net (Garry & Janis Cameron)
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 13:34:15 -0800
>I belong to another group, called "marc-l" (for MARC list).  If you are not a
>subscriber, you can not even get into it to read the messages.  I do not
>know how they do that, but it might be worth a look see?
>73, Paul WA9FFL
I must be missing something here.  I've never heard of a mailing list which
would allow you to read the messages without being a subscriber.  Even if
such lists exsist, why would anyone want to read the messages and NOT be a
subscriber?  It's like owning only a receiver--you can listen to other hams,
but not talk to them.  Doesn't make sense.

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