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[TenTec] Paragon II for SWL

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon II for SWL
From: w4ec@juno.com (DARYL L NOEL)
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:29:25 EST
Hello Dave,

I have a Paragon II that I purchased about 2 months ago.  I use it in
addition to my Omni 6+.  I was looking around for one for quite awhile.
Seems that they are harder to come by than the Paragon I.  I got mine off
of one of the trader nets.  I've looked back at earlier postings on the
reflector and saw very little on the Paragon II.  I guess people just
don't want to part with them.  I got mine mainly for the general
coverage, and another back up rig.  Unless TenTec would come out with a
replacement for the Paragon II, I will most likely keep mine till I'm
dead.  I do most of the short wave listening in the AM mode.

I haven't done any real swl'ing for at least 30 years.  As a boy I had an
RCA Brainmaster.  It had the "green eye" tube.  It was hard to tell what
the exact frequency was on the old analog dials.  I still have the QSL
cards I received though.

The digital dials are great.  The short time I have had the Paragon II, I
have heard Radio France, Voice of Free China, Ecuador, BBC, Voice of
Nigeria, Radio Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and a few VoA's. 
Most of these have been around the 49 meter band.  I'm using a Cushcraft
R-7 (vertical antenna) about 6' off the ground and a Gap Voyager DX-IV,
since I have limited space in the back yard.

Maybe TenTec will eventually come out with another model to replace the
Paragon II.  It looks real nice sitting next to the Omni 6+ (upgrade).


Daryl  W4EC

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