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[TenTec] Replacing the speaker in 96* PS with Cleartone!

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Subject: [TenTec] Replacing the speaker in 96* PS with Cleartone!
From: ku4it@bellsouth.net (David E. Shelton)
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 09:46:52 -0500
To all,

I have received several replies wanting to know about this mod.

It is fairly simple, I removed the stock internal PS speaker by removing
the face of the PS and lay the front of PS face down on towel. Remove
internal speaker assembly. Now the MFJ Cleartone speaker enclosure is
not quite so easy to deal with. I called MFJ to see if they sold the
mylar speaker by itself, No. So proceeded to separate the enclosure from
the speaker. The speaker is cemented into the enclosure, no screws. Be
very careful not to damage the mylar, use an X-acto knife to get it out
with minimal effort. My speaker assembly as I called it is a plate that
is bolted down to the front panel of the PS. It has a hole large enough
to hold the 3X5 inch stock speaker. It will hold the 3" round mylar
cleartone speaker but the speaker will need to be off center when
mounting the front panel of the PS. I suggest getting new grill felt and
padding, if you are as picky about your gear as me. :-) Reassemble the
unit and plug in the speaker cable you probably never used up till now.
WOW is the best way to describe it! The room come alive with the sound
of CW, in my case maybe phone in yours. The audio is very crisp and
treble definitely there.

By the way the cleartone is a 8ohm speaker also it is rated for 5watts
with max of 8watts, so no worries there.

Good luck and any questions let me know.

73 dit dit,

David E. Shelton, RN
KU4IT Amateur Op

Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
         of Louisville, KY

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