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Subject: [TenTec] Ten Tec Tour
From: phelbert@rica.net (Paul Helbert)
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 20:37:07 -0500

Just show up at the factory.  Early in the day might be best.
Tour quality is variable.  Sometimes you'll get a peep show, other times
the works.  Depends on manpower available to give tour, if assembly is
in progress at the time or not...lots of variables.

Another thing they try to do for you:  If you have a rig which needs a
minor repair, check-out, or tweaking, you can often leave it with them
first thing in the morning and get it back in the afternoon.  The repair
shop people work an early in early out shift.

Never hurts to call ahead, but I've always had the same answer "come on,
try to get here early."


Paul, Wv3j

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