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[TenTec] RE: FS: OMNI VI+ Loaded

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Subject: [TenTec] RE: FS: OMNI VI+ Loaded
From: mosier@uncg.edu (Stephen Mosier)
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:35:45 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Sorry, I neglected to say that I will only sell this as a package.
Please don't ask me for individual pieces out of it.


Moving to condo & can't have antenna.

OMNI VI with option 3 upgrade, 1.8 kHz (#288), 500 Hz (#285), & 250 Hz (#282) 
filters in 6.3-MHz IF, 500 Hz (#217) & 250 Hz (#219) filters in 9-MHz IF, #257 
voice synthesizer module, #301 remote tuning control, new OMNI VI PLUS manual, 
961 power supply, 25-pin Y-cable (not TenTec) for using both 301 and computer 
interface at same time.  This was one of the early OMNI VI's, and has never had 
any problems other than the microprocessor went berserk after first year and 
TenTec fixed it.  TenTec also did the antenna switch pin diode mod, which the 
earliest radios didn't have.  Everything has always worked perfectly.  Radio is 
cosmetically perfect. And I'm a non-smoker.

The 961 PS has an additional DC power connector (Powerpole 20-amp) spliced out 
of the power cable radio connector, for powering a heavier accessory than can 
be handled out of the 961 accessory jacks.  I'll include a mating connector and 

I want to sell this for a reasonable price, i.e., consistent with what others 
are selling these for on the reflector.  So I've researched the archives back 
through last Fall and I come up with an average price of $2,400 for the radio, 
ps, 5 filters, voice, & remote tuning, with the new $20 manual & Y-cable thrown 
in.  So that's what I'm asking, plus shipping.

Greensboro, NC
910-334-5878 (work)
910-272-9660 (home)

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