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[TenTec] 238 tuner on 160?

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Subject: [TenTec] 238 tuner on 160?
From: crobson@erie.net (Chris Robson)
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:06:00 -0500
TT gang,

        I could not help but comment on the 238 tuner.

1) I have had my 229 tunner(pre 238) for 16 years (matched my Omni-C) and
still in service today next to my Omni VI upgrade+
2) Yea the string has fail and I ripped it out and now crudely count
turns.(Only weak element in my opinion)
3) I just used mine to tune my 80 meter dipole for 160 during yesterday's
contest since in lost my 160M. sloper to ice this past week.
4) In 16 years I have never and an arc or smoked anything running a kw thru
5) Just a month ago I found another one of those "UglyASS" boxes and bought
it instantly for my Corsair.
6 Maybe We need more plastic with rounded corners and a counter on a
updated version for the politically correct.

Ten TEC...gotta love it!

Chris KB3A

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