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[TenTec] TenTec Rx vs Icom 735 Rx?

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Subject: [TenTec] TenTec Rx vs Icom 735 Rx?
From: nw9g@netusa1.net (NW9G)
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 21:52:44 -0500
At 09:08 PM 1/20/98 EST, S55648 wrote:
>I own a Corsair II with the full compliment of filters, the external VFO and
>the PS(961)
>I just got the Corsair II back from Tentec. It was gone throught, aligned,
>tuned etc.
>I had the PTO rebuilt etc.
>My question, I need a good mobile/portable HF rig. Any rig with added bands
>would be nice, but HF performance is my priority, specifically SSB, and then
>I nessessarily use the TenTec Rx as a base line for exceptional selectivity,
>sensitivity, image rejection, noise, etc. plus, I can listen to the
>getting a headache.
>Now, I have heard very good things about the Icom IC735. I have heard thqat
>while its no TenTec on CW, it is quite a unit operating SSB.
>It supposidly is superior to anything I can expect from the new mobile rigs
>ie: TS50, IC706, DX70 etc.
>Is this so? Have any of you, those who know truely fine Rx hd experience with
>the 735 to give me an objective opinion as to its performance?
>How does it compare to the IC706, DX70, TS50, purely from a Rx performance
>vantage point.
>RememberI am looking for mobile/portable operation, as well as base operation
>at times. 
>I am strong on TenTec, thus I come to those whose opinion I can relate.
>tnx jeff 

Hi Jeff.  I also feel warm when I hear the word "Ten Tec".  And I find 
myself using ten tec as a "standard" when compairing other rigs.
Have you ever thought about a Ten Tec Delta II rig?
I have an Omni 5 and just recently picked up this Delta II of mine and
for a small back up rig that says ten tec on it, I don't think you can
go wrong.  No, I am not offering mine for sale cause I am happy with
it.  But you may want to look that direction if you want a decent 
smaller rig.  No, it does not have the rx of my Omni 5, but niether
do any of the rigs you asked about.  But for a smaller (same size, shape,
color and appearance of the IC-735) rig, this may fit your bill.
Just a thought.....73 and keep ten tec'n......Steve

P.S. here is a website you can go and look at this rig....


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