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[TenTec] 283 tuner

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Subject: [TenTec] 283 tuner
From: KMerzel@aol.com (KMerzel)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:02:19 EST
I recently purchased a 283 tuner to use with my corsair  II and would like
some feedback on its operation. I can get good results from 14mhz down to 80
mhz using a Gap titan dx ant. I use position 1 in the hi z side and it tunes
at capaciter setting around 2 and inductor setting between 1 and 5. I do this
while using the MFJ matchmaker. However, above this frequency I am having a
hard time finding the correct settings.  Also, There are a few things that I
find confusing. they are:

1) the meter switch is marked  FWD / REF although the instruction manual makes
referance to REV. ( I know this is the same. )

2)  On page 2-2 step 3 recomends applying enough gain to have a half scale
reading. I can not get enough drive for a half scale reading. All I can muster
is a bit less than 1/2 scale.

3) I know it is normal to have different swr readings in the bypass position
between the tuner and my rig but I find this a bit disconcerting. I always
rely on the reading in my rig.
4) On page 2-2 step 4 requires to switch between both sides of the bypass
position to obtain lowest meter reading. Do you recomend to use the lowest alc

Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

                                                   73 ken  w2ktm

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