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[TenTec] My Omni 6+ is high end!

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Subject: [TenTec] My Omni 6+ is high end!
From: larrygibbs@ibm.net (larrygibbs@ibm.net)
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 11:17:50 EST
Hey, I could have bought the Kenwood my brother has, or an Icom, or a
Yaesu. However, I elected to upgrade my Omni V to the Omni VI Plus.
Why? Because it's BETTER! What do the rice boxes have that I don't?
Not much. Maybe a monitor and a phone patch input, but most are things
most people never use or use so seldom that they have to get out the
manual every time they do.

What do I have that they don't. Well, you all know the answer to that.
Things like better receive audio. Better transmit audio. Low noise floor.
The service, the user serviceability, the phone help, the availability
of parts, and on and on...

I could have bought an Icom 706 MKII (another boat anchor of the future)
as well, and maybe I would have given the right mobiling situation. But
I bought a Scout instead, and guess what? It doesn't suck all the juice
out of my battery yet it still gets the contacts. The things it doesn't
have, like general coverage and all bands, I don't need at this time. In
short, it does what I bought it for.

Anyway, the Omni VI Plus is a great rig, and if one doesn't like it he
shouldn't buy it.


Amateur Radio W3UIO; Team OS/2
Running Ten-Tec at Warp 4

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