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[TenTec] My Omni 6+ is high end!

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Subject: [TenTec] My Omni 6+ is high end!
From: larrygibbs@ibm.net (larrygibbs@ibm.net)
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:01:48 EST
Addressed to: "Marchitelli, Nick #45CS/SCBBH" <NICK.MARCHITELLI@pafb.af.mil>
              TentecReflector <tentec@contesting.com>

** Reply to note from "Marchitelli, Nick #45CS/SCBBH" 
<NICK.MARCHITELLI@pafb.af.mil> Thu, 29 Jan 1998 13:11 -0500
> I love ten-Tec also but their rigs have no AM capabliltiy which many 
> shortwave listeners enjoy,
> your comparing apples to oranges here when u compare a 706 to a much more 
> expensive rig
> Omni-6

I compared the 706 MKII to the Scout, not the Omni VI+. SSB is my main interest
for mobiling, except when I arrive at my destination I may want to work CW. In
that case, I may rather have the Scout. 

There isn't much difference, if any, between 100 watts and 50 watts output
when it comes to actually working stations. Right now, the Scout is all I need.

Gud lk finding the mobile that suits you.
73, Larry

> I have been looking for a mobil rig, I had a chance to get a pratically new 
> scout but after reading all the
> bad reports on the rig, coupled with a stingy 50watt output, I decided to 
> wait...
> Nick----------
> I could have bought an Icom 706 MKII (another boat anchor of the future)
> as well, and maybe I would have given the right mobiling situation. But
> I bought a Scout instead, and guess what? It doesn't suck all the juice
> out of my battery yet it still gets the contacts. The things it doesn't
> have, like general coverage and all bands, I don't need at this time. In
> short, it does what I bought it for.
> 73,
> Larry
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> Amateur Radio W3UIO; Team OS/2
> Running Ten-Tec at Warp 4
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Amateur Radio W3UIO; Team OS/2
Running Ten-Tec at Warp 4

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