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[TenTec] Icom 756 sold and replaced with Omni 6 plus

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Subject: [TenTec] Icom 756 sold and replaced with Omni 6 plus
From: dclark@telecity.org (David Clark)
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:42:04 -0500
Two months ago I sold my Ten Tec Paragon w/Timewave DSP 59+.  I replaced the 
Paragon with a new Icom 756 and had the following experience:

* Icom's DSP didn't function as well as the Timewave added to the paragon.  
Icom's IF DSP functions outside the AGC circuit and has little effect on QRN.  
Timewave's audio DSP is excellent and makes the Paragon a "state of the art 
* Icom's internal keyer does not function well ....when keying above 30 WPM I 
got very poor reports.  One needs to run an outboard keyer with the Icom 756.  
Actually, an outboard keyer and no QSK is best for the 756.
* The spectrum scope does not function with signals below S-4
* AGC seemed slow and not adjustable
* Speech processor was not up to specifications
* Frequency read-out was very difficult (small and poorly displayed)
* Buttons and switches were very small and hard to manipulate during contests

I just ordered a new Omni 6 plus .....I will miss Icom's fantastic automatic 
antenna tuner, but that's all.  

Dave W8DO

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