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[TenTec] TT705 Mic Manual Wanted & A Question

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Subject: [TenTec] TT705 Mic Manual Wanted & A Question
From: n8pvz@qsl.net (Bernard F. Gaffney, Jr.)
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 18:02:19 -0500
I just bought a used TT 705 mic via the net. Unfortunately the previous
owner never had a manual for it. Although there's not much involved in
using the mic(took me all of 10 secs to figure it out), if anyone has a
manual they could copy, please email me direct. I'll gladly pay for
photocopying and postage(please email me _before_ sending so I don't wind
up with multiple copies).

Also, can anyone tell me the purpose of the 9v batt in the mic? The mic
seems to work ok w/o it(haven't done a lot of testing, but it seems to work

Tnx in advance.

       72 de N8PVZ


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