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[TenTec] Century 21

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Subject: [TenTec] Century 21
From: kingbp@ka1fqt.mv.com (Bryan King)
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 22:43:54 -0500

    The Century 21 was my first rig.  I bought one new in 1980 and sold it
in 1990.  (wish I never did)
Its only mode is CW.   It receives SSB as well.  The  receiver is good, but
not as sensitive as the Scout  (I owned one of them too).  The power output
is adjustable from 70 watts down to (I'm guessing) 5watts by an external
drive knob.  All of the controls are on the front panel.  It has a digital
frequency readout and an SWR/PWR meter.  It doesn't require an external
power supply.  Just plug it into a grounded wall outlet.  I don't remember
the tuning slipping at all.  Its a solid state radio.

$100 is a great price.  I think they are worth somewhere in the neighborhood
of $215 on the used market.


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From: JEFFREY MICHAEL POULIN <jpoulin@erols.com>
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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 5:44 AM
Subject: [TenTec] Century 21

>Hi Folks:
>I have a chance to buy a Century 21 analog. Apparently it works but the
>"tuning slips".
>Is this a common problem?  Can Ten Tec easily repair it?
>I use a Scout for my HF rig and I'm very happy with it. Can anyone tell me
>how the Century 21 compares for receivers, what modes it has, power output,
>etc? The price is 100.00 which seems pretty good unless there is a serious
>problem. Also, can the Century 21 power output be reduced easily ((knob on
>the front  or rear panel, perhaps) as I would probably be using it as an
>all band QRP CW rig.
>Any help is appreciated.  Thanks
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