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[TenTec] Posting problem

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Subject: [TenTec] Posting problem
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Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 22:52:04 -0600
Am I making some mistake?
I am getting the journal but did not see my post?

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Subject: FS Corsair 1
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Not sure if the first time this message was received. 
Did not know it took two messages to subscribe.

$570*  Ten-Tec Corsair 1  H.F. rig (with manual)       hope to replace
T-T Omni V
         It looks like the Corsair at  http://pcd2.state.va.us/tentec/
* Plus shipping

 Ten-Tec within the last year fixed the display,
 replaced the cw crystal filter and a switch on the front panel. 

 The relay has been replaced with transistor.. 
  Truely QSK     
   NOW very quiet when switching from receive to transmit.

reply to
Mark Tyler
Houston, TX


There really is no big difference between the Corsair 1 and 2.  
> The two receiver strips of the Corsairs I and II are 
> substantially the same.  1st IF is 9 MHz, 2nd IF is 6.3 MHz.
> The Corsair I came with a 4 pole filter stock in the 1st IF
> and optional 8 pole filter there, the Corsair II came with
> the 8 pole filter stock.  

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