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[TenTec] "Knob Wobble"

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Subject: [TenTec] "Knob Wobble"
From: K5XS@aol.com (K5XS)
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 22:48:09 EDT
I've had two Ten-Tecs in my life:  An early Omni VI and my newish (1 yr-old)

My early Omni VI had  a wobble on the VFO knob.  It wasn't a real hassle, but
it was an irritant.  I wrote it off as some quirk in a used rig.

But my new Omni VI+ has the same darned thing.  If I jiggle the VFO knob
vertically, there is a noticeable "clunk" as I do so.  It is especially
irritating when I am fast tuning with my finger in the knob hole.  I'll cruise
along, and each turn of the VFO brings a "thump."  I've adjusted the knob
drag, and all that does is increase the tension; the "klunk" persists.

I just started thinking of this because I played last week (in Japan!) with
the typical Kenwood, Yaesu, and Icom rigs in their many ham stores, and not a
one of them has the problem.  They are smooth as silk.

Ten-Tec service (helpful though they usually are) says a discernable amount of
"klunking" is inevitable because the encoders are imperfect; that they have
tried a couple of different encoders, and they all do it; and there's nothing
they can do.  They can provide a replacement encoder (about $70) but doubt I'd
notice any difference.

Does anyone have thoghts?  How come the encoders in the Japanese rigs don't

I realize this is a nearly trivial matter.  I love the rig and wouldn't trade
it for another of any brand.  But dang I hate that "klunk"!

Bernie Skoch

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