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[TenTec] "Knob Wobble"

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Subject: [TenTec] "Knob Wobble"
From: Brian Hemmis" <K3USC@worldnet.att.net (Brian Hemmis)
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 08:35:20 -0400
Welcome to Ten Tec-wonderful performing radios with Heathkit fit and finish-
wish they'd address this... kinda like comparing U.S. and Japanese cars a
few years back.

FYI-I drive an American vehicle (GMC 4WD) but most of my current radios are
Yaesu-do have a couple of Century 22s tho. I'd buy another Omni in a
heartbeat if they'd give me AM,general coverage, a bit more phone optimizing
(vs. being a better CW radio) and that fit and finish thing... a more
quality feel. Oh well, guess I'm just searching for radio Nirvana ! Enjoy
the Omni-probably the best CW rx going... 73, Brian K3USC-Erie,PA

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