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[TenTec] Mode 3 upgrade.....

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Subject: [TenTec] Mode 3 upgrade.....
From: bcotter@pop.uky.edu (Bill Cotter)
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:35:11 -0400
Hi Walt,

I bought a new OMNI-6+ in August and had the same trouble with
spurious resets.

I initially had problems with severe birdies, in particular on 10m.
The first trip to TT fixed all the birdie problems with additional
board grounding and moving wires around. When it came back all the
birdies were either down in the noise floor or gone. 

The occasional reset problem was hidden by a persistent problem
with the overvoltage board (relays oscillated upon power up for
.5sec). A trip to TT fixed the OV problem with a board replacement.
When it returned the OV problem was cured, but the radio reset
itself about once or twice week on power-up. Another trip to TT and
they replaced a zener (Z4?) on the CPU board. The rig hasn't reset

Recently, I had a minor problem with the main tuning shaft encoder
sticking and being sluggish to turn part way through rotation.  I
pulled the knob about 1/4"  to eliminate any drag and felt rough
spots during rotation. A call to TT and Paul shipped out a new
encoder which I received a few days later.

I could get miffed about returning the radio several times in six
months, but this was an early serial number for the 6+ line and I
view the radio is a continuing work of art. Don't try to pry it out
of my hands :^)  The help from people like Paul Clinton of TenTec
make the ownership of a TT product a worthwhile investment. And,
the 5-day turn around time each event is a statement of TT's
committment to their customers......Thanks TT.

73 es gl Bill N4ALG

At 01:18 AM 4/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Well I have trouble. The rig looses its mind about once every two or
>three weeks. It didn't do that before the upgrade. How you going to
>shoot a trouble that is that infrequent! I did find a screw loose
>the memory battery and thought " wow , that's it " ........NOT . I
>cleaned the battery holder and put in a new battery, it does it
with the
>power supply on or off. It only happens at power on. I have
checked the
>voltage on the IC's that are powered up with the power supply off and
>the voltage is there. Go figure! They did have the N-2 lead all
>up but I was able to fix that and get the 250 hz filter in the
first IF
>working like it should. Like in the auto plants, guess mine was
done on
>a friday or monday.......... :-)
>Walt k8cv
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