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[TenTec] SWR Cut-Back on Paragon

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Subject: [TenTec] SWR Cut-Back on Paragon
From: kc5qdz@iamerica.net (Landen Stoker)
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 13:34:46 -0500
I suppose I am just now realizing this, I was checking my swr on 20
yesterday and noticed that I was only getting 78 watts out. I checked
the SWR and it was 1.9:1 I started wondering if they are designed to cut
back that much into near 2:1 or if I was having a problem. I checked the
other bands and it doesn't start to cut back until after 2:1, I seem to
get 98-100 watts out everywhere except 20 when I get near a 2:1. Is this
a normal occurrence or do I have some sort of weird problem, if anyone
else has had this problem please let me know how to remedy it. BTW I am
supplying the radio with 13.8 v
Thanks Landen

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