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[TenTec] "Knob Wobble"

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Subject: [TenTec] "Knob Wobble"
From: sales@tentec.com (Ten-Tec Inc. Amateur Radio Sales)
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 16:19:07 -0400
At 10:48 PM 4/5/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I've had two Ten-Tecs in my life:  An early Omni VI and my newish (1 yr-old)
>My early Omni VI had  a wobble on the VFO knob.  It wasn't a real hassle, but
>it was an irritant.  I wrote it off as some quirk in a used rig.
>But my new Omni VI+ has the same darned thing.  If I jiggle the VFO knob
>vertically, there is a noticeable "clunk" as I do so.  
>Does anyone have thoghts?  How come the encoders in the Japanese rigs don't
>I realize this is a nearly trivial matter.  I love the rig and wouldn't trade
>it for another of any brand.  But dang I hate that "klunk"!
>Bernie Skoch

Hi Bernie:

I hope that when you originally called us that we provided you with a 
couple of suggestions to remove the thumping noise you described above.  
The encoders themselves should be fairly smooth. 

If you grab the knob and pull it up and down there will be a little bit
of "play" - this is normal.  However, it should not be "klunking" while

Remove the rubber outer ring from the main tuning knob, use the larger
of the two allen wrenches provided with the rig to unscrew and remove the
main tuning knob.  Check that the shaft nut that holds the encoder to the
front of the radio is snug.  

On the back of the main tuning knob, make sure that the pads are making
contact with the front panel.  If you are able to adjust the drag, this
indicates the pads are making contact, but possibly not enough contact
to hold the knob steady while rotating.  This can be solved by either
pushing the knob back a little further when you re-attach it to the shaft
or by gently pulling the copper strips that hold the pads away from
the back of the tuning knob.  Note that this will change the drag of the
knob a little and you may have to re-adjust it after re-installation.

I hope this takes care of the problem for you !

Scott E. Robbins, W4PA
Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec 

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