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[TenTec] FS: Century 21

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: Century 21
From: Brian Hemmis" <K3USC@worldnet.att.net (Brian Hemmis)
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 23:38:37 -0400
This radio is a real beauty-near mint (and those of you who know me know
what shape my gear is in-being a professional photographer I'm picky by
nature.) I've had over a half dozen C-21's and this was the nicest. If I
wasn't over my head with too many radios I'd be tempted to buy this one back
from Wink. If you've been looking for a C-21 to keep forever,this is the one
! No, I don't really know Wink-just sold him a really pretty radio some time
back. 73, Brian K3USC-Erie,PA.

.  The equipment is from
>the Brian Hemmis collection and includes a Covercraft cover
>for the radio.

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