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[TenTec] OMNIV VI Main Tuning Knobproblem-a cure

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNIV VI Main Tuning Knobproblem-a cure
From: joebarb@wilmington.net (Joseph Trombino jr)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 15:25:01 -0400
Hello fellow tenTec'ers:

Have seen several postings regarding wobbly and clunking main tuning knob
problems on the OMNI VI.  I have had similar problems with my OMNI VI and
solved the problem after reading a posting by a TenTec rep yesterday.
        When my OMNI VI came back from the factory after having upgrades
installed, the main tuning knob was extremely hard to turn.  Guess they
lock it down during shipping.  After loosening it as much as possible, it
still wobbled and wasn't smooth-turning like the riceboxes--the force
expended to turn the knob contributes to the "klunking".  I removed the
knob and checked the encoder shaft--a little play in it but nothing major.
I then installed a knob from my Drake C-line--and lo and behold, the
encoder spun beautifully and smoothly!!
          What was causing the drag was the "drag" mechanism on the back of the
tuning knob.  After trying to adjust it, I simply removed the knob, turned
it upside down, removed the "drag" mechanism (only have to remove to little
screws) and bent the felt-covered tabs back enough so that the tabs
WOULDN'T come into contact with the front panel.  By doing this, I removed
any possible source of drag on the tuning knob mechanism.  The knob now
rotates freely and smoothly without wobble and sticking.  You can free-spin
it like the riceboxes!          If you find the tuning rate too fast, remember
you can control the tuning rate on the OMNI VI via the software MENU.  I
set my tuning rate for 2.50 and it is perfect!!  I really wonder why the
drag mechanism is there at all.  Many thanks to the TenTec rep who came
on-line with assistance that led to the solution to my problem.  Hope this
note will help others with similar problems.

                        73 and cheers, Joe W2KJ (Digest Mode)

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