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Subject: [TenTec] 'Friend of Mine'
From: chestert@pressroom.com (Chester Alderman)
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 13:22:40 -0400
"Mornin' all.  About PTO rebuilding, friend of mine advises the red grease
supplied by Ten-Tec tends to get gummy with time.  Ten-Tec gets it "down at
the Co-op," I believe.  Friend suggested using a high quality white silicon
grease but said a white lithium grease should work as well.  Often the PTO's
do not need new parts, just to be cleaned of the gummy grease and regreased
with good stuff.  G'day mates.

       Mike Hyder          N4NT@bigfoot.com"

I just love it when a "friend of mine" knows more about the design of
TenTec gear than TenTec engineering staff does.

Oh by the way, a friend of mine said to tell you that if you will send me
all of your money, I'll make sure it's invested for you.

Chester Alderman
W4BQF  -Tom-

So many beautiful women....(sob)So little time.

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