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Subject: [TenTec] PTO Grease
From: N4NT@bigfoot.com (Michael O. Hyder)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 07:39:43 -0400
Hi Tom,  I was trying to be helpful -- were you?

I had PTO's rebuilt at the factory on my Omni-C, Triton 544, and Argosy II,
then put them in storage for 5 years.  When I took them out of storage, all
the PTO's exhibited "classic symptoms of needing rebuilding" (mainly wobbly
tuning, difficulty getting right on frequency).  Surely was not "worn

Garland (Musick, I think) at Ten-Tec told me they got that red grease "down
at the Co-op."

Steve Ellington, N4LQ, said the grease gets gummy and sticky with time.  He
has been into the PTO's, but I never have.

I know nothing of "Teflon Grease," but plan to investigate it prior to
launching my rebuilding.  It seems short-sighted to rebuild or even
re-grease a PTO with grease that is prone to break down in a few years when
there are probably lubricants which can work satisfactorily much longer.

Mike Hyder          N4NT@bigfoot.com

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