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[TenTec] Ole Smokey Rides Again

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Subject: [TenTec] Ole Smokey Rides Again
From: talbot@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu (George Arthur Talbot)
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 98 12:16:46+120

Here is a bit about Smoke and Elecrical theory I got from a British friend
of mine.

>Here is a bit of electrical theory as postulated by one of your fellow 
>countrymen. It was prompted by his experience of Lucas electrics 
>in a Lotus 7;
>Positive ground depends upon proper circuit functioning, which is the
>transmission of negative ions by retention of the visible spectral
>manifestation known as "smoke".  Smoke is the thing that makes
>electrical circuits work; we know this to be true because every time one
>lets the smoke out of the electrical system, it stops working.  This can
>be verified repeatedly through empirical testing.
>When, for example, the smoke escapes from an electrical component 
>(like, say, a Lucas voltage regulator),  it will be observed that the 
>component stops working.  The function of the wire harness is to 
>carry the smoke from one device to another; when the wire harness 
>"springs a leak."  And lets all the smoke out of the system, nothing 
>works afterwards.  Starter motors were frowned upon in British 
>motorcycles for some time, largely because they consume large 
>quantities of smoke, requiring very large wires.
>It has been noted that Lucas components are possibly more prone to
>electrical leakage than Bosch or generic Japanese electrics.  Experts
>point out that this is because Lucas is British and all things British
>leak.  British engines leak oil, shock absorbers and hydraulic forks and
>disk brakes leak fluid, British tyres leak air, and the British defence
>establishment leaks secrets... so, naturally, British electrics leak
>From the basic concept of electrical transmission of energy in the form
>of smoke, a better understanding of the mysteries of electrical
>components - - especially those of Lucas manufacture - - is gained by
>the casual user.
>Is there a grain of truth in this???

I hope you enjoyed it a much as I did.

George V73GT

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