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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI V--QRP--CURE WHINE--
From: bens@valint.net (bens@valint.net)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:47:37 -0700
I have an Omni V which I just purchased used.  I have 3 questions that I
would appreciate help with.

1) Is it the R46 resistor (100K) on 9Mhz board that you can change to a low
value (ie 1K or so) that will allow it to run down to 1/4 watt or so?

2) When using the headphones, with the rf and af gain controls down, it has
a whine which turns into a growl when tuning vfo, then whines again when
one stop tuning.
Is there a cure for this other than using my Omni C??

3) The matching P/S produces a hum in Omni V.  I have it on an upper shelf
which   does take care of most of it.  Any cures?

Thanks for your help.

73,  Bob, KQ7J

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