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[TenTec] QRPing a Ten-Tec Paragon? -Reply

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Subject: [TenTec] QRPing a Ten-Tec Paragon? -Reply
From: rsellers@mail.rkd.snds.com (Roger Sellers)
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:05:43 -0500
Hi Guys,
 Thank goodness for archiving. Here's the info I got from my archive and 
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Date:  3/30/97 8:48pm
Subject:  Re: [TenTec] Netting with Paragon
> Also, how can I adjust the output power for less than 5 Watts for QRP
> operation without reducing the maximum output power achievable?
As for the power reduction. Replace R44 with 10k ohms on 2nd mixer board.
Reset ALC for 100 watts. This mod gives a range of 100w down to approx. 2
Steve Ellington N4LQ@IGLOU.COM  Louisville, Ky
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Date:  10/28/96 3:29pm
Subject:  585/562 Low Power Mods

Instructions for modifiying either the 585 Paragon I or 562 Omni V
for low power operation:

For the 585 Paragon I:
Replace R44 with 10K ohms on 2nd mixer board.  Reset ALC for 100 watts.
This mod gives a range of 100 watts down to approx. 2 watts.

For the 562 Omni V:
Change R46 to 10k ohms on 9 MHz xtal filter board.  Reset ALC for 100
watts.  Range of 100 watts down to less than 1 watt.

73, Scott Robbins KY2P, Ten-Tec
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>>> "R. Eric Sluder" <kb9bgs%sprintmail.com@internet.rkd.snds.com> 04/12/98
>Scott, I just recently purchased a Paragon.  I had called Scott at Ten
>Tec before my purchase to inquire if it was possible to lower the output
>on the Paragon.  He rattled off the complete procedure, but I didn't
>write it down since I didn't own one yet.  So, if he can dictate it over
>the phone, it must be factory authorized.  I seem to remember him saying
>the mod would take it down to 2 watts.  BTW, mine goes down to about 23
>watts right now, I'm planning on contacting Scott or the service dept.
>soon to get the mod again.
>Hope this helps.
>Scott Rosenfeld [NF3I] wrote:
> Have a Paragon.
> Min power output is about 10 watts (factory spec says 25).
> I NEED to go lower.  Anyone know of a factory-authorized modification?

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